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Senci Electric Machinery Co., Ltd founded in 1990, has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange at the end of 2019 under the stock code 603109. The small-medium sized generators were the first products to start up the business, and the small motor products have been awarded as "Hightech Products in Chongqing" many times. Based on competitiveness in developing and manufacturing core components like smallmotors, Senci is gradually extending the businesses to the general machinery industry, and currently has formed a complete industrial chain from componentsto terminal products. 

The annual capacity is over 2.6 millionsets of various small motors, 1 million sets of various end products. The production and marketing scale has been in front rank in this industry for many years, and the export volume of general gasoline generator sets is taking the leading place in the whole country.

 As a professional inverter and manufactures small medium sized alternator and generator, Senci consists of subdirectories, 9 branches in the United States, Dubai, Russia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Thailand and Mexico, and plans to set up 40+ branches around the world. The company specializes in developing, producing and exporting high-quality gasoline generators, gasoline engines, water pumps, pressure washers and other spare parts such as mufflers, control panels, frames, etc. All of thesubsidiaries possess their own intellectual property rights and patents and passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, with products gainedquite a few international certificates. By which, Senci enjoys a high reputation in his own field and provides excellent products for customers from more than 100 countries and regions among which there are quite a fewworldclass generator giants that Senci has established steady and close collaborative relationships for many years. 

To create board rospects mutually on thebasis of meeting demands from customers in all round way, Senci keeps providinginnovational products and service as well as contributing to sustainable profitable profitable increase for global clients.

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development history

Establishment of Wanli battery store
Acquisition of Xinxin Machinery Factory
Establishment of Chongqing SENCI Machinery for alternator
Acquisition of Chongqing Cameo Gasoline Engine Co., LTD
Establishment of Fenghuo machinery manufacturing Co., LTD
Establishment of Chongqing Ampride power machinery Co., LTD
Establishment of Jiangsu Senci
Establishment of American branch
Establishment of Chongqing SENCI General Power Co., LTD and Chongqing Shenkai Electromechanical Co.
Establishment of Dubai branch
Establishment of Chongqing Chenhui Mechanical and electrical Co., LTD
Be listed SENCI 603109